About Us


Golden Dragon System has evolved from being a Furniture distributor when we started in June 2000 to an emerging Distributor of Office Furniture & Computer Hardware and peripherals. Appreciating the fast-paced IT development the management has taken an aggressive course in 2007 towards becoming a major player in the IT Industry not with standing the economic deterrents, we are very positive that we will still make a mark in the market and has envisioned a continuous existence to give a more personalized service to our clientele. Among our major products are the following:

  • ALPHA – Computer tables
  • ORION – High quality casings and accessories
  • DRAGON – Office furniture
  • ELITE – Home Furniture


Our priority is to give quality IT and Office furniture products at L-ower cost, extend E-fficient delivery and after sales service, become A-ggressive in acquiring innovation updates and continuously practice a more P-ersonalised business relation, for we want to put our customers on top.


Our vision is to become one of the significant players in the IT Industry, extending the best products and soon turn out as a household name.